Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Some Light Basics, Theory and Bassai Dai

Today's Karate class has left me with a sore lower back and some stiffness in my knee ligaments.

We arrived a good 30 minutes before class was to start, so I had a nice amount of time before class started for training kata. I warmed up with Heian 1 through 5, did Tekki shodan and was re-learning Tekki Nidan when Sensei came out and started class.

We did a light routine of basics:

standing punch (choku zuki)
straight punch while in Side Stance (choku zuki in kiba dachi)
Stepping front punch (oi zuki)

front punch reverse punch in a stationary front stance (kizame zuki, gyaku zuki in zenkutso dachi)

stepping front kick (mae geri)
stepping roundhouse (mawashi geri)

front kick off front leg, front kick off back leg (mae ashi geri?, mae geri)
roundhouse front leg, roundhouse back leg (mawashi ashi geri?, mawashi geri)

For my own part, I've really noticed my roundhouse kick has gone way down.

Then we started Bassai Dai, which I like very much, and Jutte, which I need some refresher work on. This part of the class was more practice and less theory so I was able to get a bit of a sweat going.

Next class is tomorrow - and I'm going to it as well!

Promoting MyShotokan Locally

Today was one of the first times I spoke about MyShotokan to the other karate students in the class. Perhaps I'll get a few local people to help me pick up my training!

Cheers all, time for a beer.

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