Thursday, May 21, 2009

Shotokan Sr. Kata Workout

Yesterday I attended the first karate class I've been at in this calendar year.

The preparation workouts made a big difference in how well I did during the karate class for sure.  The stationary bike, the stair climbing, swimming laps and the weight training gave me better stamina than most of the regulars in the class.

We started with a light warm up then repeated Heian Yondan three times with some tips and corrections.  Followed the same routine with Heian Godan, then moved on to the bulk of the class where we repeated and focused on Sochin, Jion and Nijushiho for the remainder of the 90 minute training session.

My karate legs are where I need to focus my training.  Mostly it's my flexibility.  So I'll be working on strengthening all the core muscles and spending time with the relaxing 30 minute static-active routines suggested for increasing flexibility at the end of a workout.

Until next class...

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