Friday, September 5, 2008

MyShotokan Karate Archive from 1995

Recently, our local museum created a Facebook Group and uploaded some archival pictures from our local weekly newspaper.

One of the pictures had me in it!  Here's the text under the photo:

Taking Care - Shannon B and Shawna O follow the lead of instructor Doug Lampi during the self-defense course the karate sensei is offering here.  Although the nine students spend most of their time in the 21 hour program learning and practicing defensive moves, Lampi emphasizes that preparation and awareness - tools that can prevent a situation from becoming violent - are the most important aspects of self-defense.  The course (offered by the Atikokan Native Friendship Centre) cost just $5 (which includes a textbook), and newcomers are welcome.  In order to accommodate shift work, it is held on differetn evenings each week; contact Lampi at for details. Monday, July 31, 1995

I wonder if I can find, in my karate tickle-trunk, the advert for the first karate class I joined, back in November 1984... one day I'll dig it up, take a snap-shot and post it here.

Cheers all


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