Saturday, September 13, 2008

Myshotokan Promotional Karate Pictures

I've been waiting for a morning like this for over a year!

Last year, there was only ONE morning over then entire summer and fall, where the conditions were perfect, and I sure wasn't going to let this opportunity slip by!

More and more, I realize that I can be or do or have, anything I set my mind to.  These pictures are, to me, another example that you can change you life to be anything you can imagine.

For the junior belt, karate training is supposed to bring increased self-confidence because you learn defense skills and some combat skills - so you can stand up for yourself if someone assualts you physically.  

This is an important confidence to have in yourself. 
And I can attest to that fact that phyical karate-jittsu works.

But after a couple decades training in karate, one can look back and gain a perspective on the process of learning, the process of change, and the process of creating a new belief system about yourself... and you begin to see that your very thoughts and words create your future.

Many people are picky about their eating - and careful about their training, yet they are reckless with their thinking, and never realize why they fall short of every goal they strive for.


More than just punching and kicking.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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Many thanks to My Folks for canoeing around and tromping through the forest to take these early morning pictures!

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