Monday, October 13, 2008

Light Training with Kata Review

I enjoyed an hour of light karate training today with my old training partner, Max.

We just did an easy workout reviewing all the kata, starting from Heian Shodan, all the way through the 15 basic kata, and onto the advanced kata until we were fogetting moves.

With a few light stretching breaks and three or four sets of easy dynamic stretches between the kata.

Near the end, I sat on the dojo floor and did some stretching while Max continued on and practiced the Junro Kata's - which I've all but forgotten. :-/

After training, we walked to a local asian restaraunt just one block from the Dojo, and had a huge bowl of delicious seafood soup. 

I can tell right away - that once I'm able to focus on more seriously - I'm going to have to take pictures of everything... all the restaurants, all the wonderful meals I'll be enjoying at new places as I travel.  Then, as I blog each evening... I can include details about the day's training, but I really want to feature the people that I meet and the places I visit as well as the karate training.

Looking forward to more training!


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